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Green Event Planner

Seven-Star has completed the first Green Festival in Chicago, the city that's been touted as greenest in the nation. 32,000 attendees came to McCormick on April 21-22 to see 300 Green Festival exhibitors and more than 150 dynamic speakers. ...

EcoQuette Eco-friendly and beautiful

Each EcoQuette skirt is unique because it is fabricated from recycled silk saris from India.feel beautiful and as proud as a peacock in these eco-friendly garments! by www.zazzle.com/lluw- ellyn ...

Explore with Google Earth the impacts of climate change

Explore and learn about the impacts of climate change and find out how you can make a difference with Climate Change in our World. The Met Office Hadley Centre, British Antarctic Survey and UK Government have harnessed Google Earth technology to present y...


One important part of the "go green" movement is public transit. DART helps commuters curb pollution. By riding instead of driving, commuters not only help the environment, they also limit wear and tear on their cars, lower auto expenses and eliminate the ...


A money back programme could be introduced for every returning plastic bag, so that it does not get thrown as waste ...

Benefits of canvas bags

Use re-usable bags as much as possible. Using canvas bags reduces the amount of plastic that is used. Canvas is a sturdy material and can be used numerous times. Canvas is also biodegradable. ...

make earth greener

We are enthusiastic nature loving passionate people who work to achieve our goal - make earth greener. Our motto is "We inspire you, you inspire others, we will work jointly towards achieving our common goal - make earth greener". Our interest in coordinating various green efforts led us in launching this website.

Through our website we provide a common platform to bring green initiatives together.

The advantageous are:


Provide a common place to put out green programs


Publish green articles, news etc.


Nourish the concept of protecting nature though eco-friendly activities


Get familiar with healthy lifestyles which embrace nature


Publish individual ideas and comments


Provide nature lovers to search and buy eco-friendly products

To contact us e-mail: info@greenblueyellow.com

make earth greener